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We make it easy for you.

Gamburd Inc provides the equipment that you need for independence. More importantly, our staff has the experience and creativity to solve your unique challenges in finding a barrier free environment. We understand that it’s not just the equipment, but also your dignity and freedom that we must support.

Look at us as your one-stop shop. We are a full service access equipment company providing a unique collection of home access modifications  including, ramps, stair-chairs, grab bar installation, door openers, overhead ceiling hoist systems, and more.

In one place you will find all the resources you need to get from point A to point B. This is why Gamburd is California's leader in accessibility. Call us for a home assessment. Meet our caring and knowledgeable staff. Find out why we are the best.

Listen >> Assess >> Customize >> Install

Gamburd Inc will meet your accessibility challenges head on and transform your home into a livable, maneuverable, and safe environment.  We begin by listening to your ideas and requirements. Then we create a plan to execute your wishes. We will walk you through each step of the process, showing samples, pictures, videos and references to make sure we are serving your needs. Our experienced technicians will do this work in a timely manner and with the utmost care and respect for your loved ones.

About Israel Gamburd


Gamburd Inc. was created because of a need. While I was pursuing my degree in architecture, my father became very ill with kidney problems.  Life took a big turn for us the day he went into kidney failure.  The required dialysis treatment three times a week caused his body to weaken. Climbing the steps into our home was now a major challenge.

My brother and I carried our father up the stairs, but when he couldn’t support his own weight, we realized something more needed to be done.  I searched to find a company that could offer accessibility solutions.  There were some that sold wheelchairs or bathroom equipment, but none that specialized in accessible homes. I knew in my heart it was time to start a company that provided the services we so desperately needed and could not find.

If we were going through this with my father, I wondered how many other families were in this same situation. I wanted a solution for our dilemma, but I also wanted to help others. I wanted other people to benefit, with the hope that they could avoid the suffering my father went through. Seeing him go from being a strong able-bodied man to shaky and dependent was heartbreaking. If I could bring hope and help to others, I would feel like I have made a difference in this world.

The work we do at Gamburd comes from the heart. I demand a high degree of quality from my employees and myself.  The people I have working with us are compassionate, respectful and individuals of integrity. I created this company in honor of my father, knowing that our mission to help people like you would make him proud. My hand is on every bit of work we do.  I personally oversee all major projects. I want to make sure that no one suffers like my father did.

We are diligent to seek out new products so that when we come to your home for an evaluation, we can offer the most innovative equipment and solutions for your accessibility and mobility needs.  Our company is called Gamburd.  It’s my name.  I stand by it... and I stand by you.  Our priority is your independence. Together we will make the world a more accessible place.