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Making the Most of Your Accessible Bathroom Renovation - Gamburd Inc

You’ve seen the picture in a magazine. It’s a beautiful bathroom with lots of storage, yet it’s still has a lot of space to move around between the sink, shower and toilet. It has a walk-in shower that can double as a deep tub. It’s got modern flooring that provide a safe, anti-slid surface. The safety features match the stylish design that long-lasting. It even had fancy, heated towel racks.

You start thinking about renovating your bathroom. You understand you likely can’t have the exact bathroom you saw in the magazine, because well, not many people can afford those picture-perfect settings. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful, sustainable, and accessible bathroom of your dreams.

Because bathrooms can make or break a real estate deal, making improvements now can increase the resale of your home, if you ever decide to put it on the market. But before you contact the contractor, start pre-planning and set realistic goals for your remodel. You can use the following tips to help during the process.


Define Your Accessible Bathroom Space

Bathrooms that have it all, like the one in the magazine, usually have a lot more space than the average home in America. Before you start your renovation, you need to determine exactly how much space you have in your bathroom.

Take measurements. If you are going to a complete remodel, measure the entire space within your four walls. If your renovation involves updating existing pieces, then take measures of each individual space. These measurements will allow you to choose the right size vanity, toilet, shower, tub and storage.

If your renovation will include size modifications that can accommodate your lifestyle as you grow older, make sure you include this in your measurements. Depending on the size of your family, you may need to add a whole new bathroom to your home, greatly increasing resale value.


List Your Accessible Bathroom Needs Versus Wants

Picture yourself as you age. You may need a wheelchair, safety features, and additional accessibility aids that can help you continue to care for yourself. When planning your renovation, consider flexible spacing, design elements, and an adaptable environment.

For example, if you think you may be in a wheelchair, lowering countertops now is a good idea. You may also consider making space for transfer benches or lifts if those will help you when bathing in the future. Those fancy, heated towel racks you saw in the magazine are a want won’t increase your home’s value as much as extra storage space.


Storage Space

Great storage spaces cause all home buyers to oooh and ahhhh when touring a home. Buyers are looking for a place to store towels, toilet paper, medications, blankets, hair dryers, and much more. The more storage the better because families today have lots of “stuff”.

When renovating your bathroom, be creative when including storage space. You’re not required to use the standard box shelving anymore. Bathroom furniture can also be bathroom storage, for example.

Ottomans can be a place to sit, and a place to store. The back of your door is a great place for over-the-door items that store. You may even consider installing a walk-in closet that not only provides extra storage space, but makes it easy for you to access your bedroom directly from the bathroom.



Because you are already thinking long-term with this renovation, don’t forget to include sustainable features. Choose energy-efficient everything, from lights to water consumption.

When reselling a home, buyers will be impressed that they can move in and already start saving money. Choosing items that are energy efficient can also earn tax credits, saving you even more money.

You will be surprised to learn that faucets, shower heads, toilets, lighting, heating and air equipment, are all designed today to save energy. They help you live a big life while leaving less of a footprint.


Features and Accessibility

Back in the day, making your bathroom meant getting features that looked like they were stolen from the hospital. They were bulky and unattractive. Things have changed, however.

Today, features are designed to meet three factors: safety, accessibility, and style. You really can have it all when it comes to redesigning your bathroom. You can create a space that will grow with you as you age and will also be appealing to potential buyers if you decide to sell.

Shower seats that are built into your shower space can be made to match the design of your bathroom. You may decide to go with a tiled shower space that is large enough for you to walk in or roll a shower chair on wheels into it. Shower heads come in a variety of styles, all of which are pretty and allow easy manipulation. Raised toilet seats are more comfortable than standard, and just as attractive.

Grab bars are designed today to be sleek and sophisticated. They are made to match your design, as if they were always supposed to be there. Plus, they come in a variety of finishes, like bronze, stainless steel and brushed nickel. They can be slanted, vertically or horizontally installed.

Some of the grab bars look like towel holders, which you may decide to skip altogether when you see the aerodynamic design of the hand dryers available for your renovation. They are not only great looking; they prevent the spread of germs like towels can when used by multiple people.


Final Accessible Bathroom Renovation Thoughts

Be creative when making the most of your accessible bathroom renovation. It seems everything today can be foldable, portable, and even built in. If you don’t have space on the outside of your bathroom wall, think of built-in shelving.

If you think your bathroom looks too cluttered with certain grab bars, install the kind that can be tucked away when not needed. You are in control of your accessible bathroom renovation. Choose renovations that are within your budget, that you will enjoy for a long time, and that will add value to your home.