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Uncovering the Best Kept-Secrets for Disabled American Veterans - Gamburd Inc

Uncovering the Best Kept-Secrets for Disabled American Veterans

The US Military Veterans laid down their lives for us. They maintained honor and integrity when all hell was breaking loose around them. They went without sleep, sustenance or seeing their own families so we could be safe with ours. They came back from active duty to a country that often times forgets to even…

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Does Driving Really Equal Independence? - Gamburd Inc

Does Driving Really Equal Independence?

Do you remember the excitement that filled your heart when you were about to turn sixteen and couldn’t wait to get your driver’s license? We were counting the hours up to that momentous occasion that would provide us with fun and independence! We would be licensed to go wherever we wanted to go, provided we…

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Has Your House Become the Enemy? - Gamburd Inc

Has Your House Become the Enemy?

Baby Boomers have some unique opportunities today when it comes to living in a safe environment. Since we never know how much time we have to prepare for an unanticipated event, it would be good to learn from others. The key for us all is to be willing to take life’s lessons and apply them…

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5 Action Steps to Feel Better Today - Gamburd Inc

5 Action Steps to Feel Better Today

Five action steps to start the day off right.   We’ve all experienced plateaus in life when things got flat and lost their sizzle. Maybe the winter blues brought it on, or sudden bad news reached our ears and hurt our heart. Whatever may have triggered a sense of unhappiness, know there are some very…

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4 Tips to a Healthier Version of You - Gamburd Inc.

4 Tips to a Healthier Version of You

Now that the holidays are over, many households have tossed the sweet treats and are trying to get back into shape. The gym attendance is at an all-time high (at least until March) and people are seeking to accomplish their health goals for the new year. There are so many options out there, it can…

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7 Questions to Ask Before Hospital Discharge - Gamburd Inc.

7 Questions to Ask Before Hospital Discharge

It is our purpose to help people simplify their lives with accessibility solutions. Many times, individuals who need us don’t know where to start and yet, they are about to be processed for hospital discharge or leave a physical rehab center. Whether patients are calling for guidance themselves or a family member is reaching out,…

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Safe Environment

When Is My House No Longer a Safe Environment?

Over the past several years there has been a surge of multiple generations living together. The sandwich generation is literally caught between still having children at home (or supporting children in college), and now attending to the needs of aging parents. What used to be a “normal household” in the 1940s consisting of parents, grandparents…

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Unusual Ways People Use Their Stair Lift - Gamburd Inc

Unusual Ways People Use Their Stair Lift

We have been providing mobility solutions for families for over 18 years. Not even the most experienced professionals in our company thought of these unique problem-solving techniques! Our clients have shared some very colorful signs of creativity! Here is our disclaimer: The stair lift we install are to be used only for the transporting of…

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The Closing of a Chapter

The holidays are closing in on us which is not only a time of festive fun and celebration but also a reminder that we are collectively closing out another chapter of life. Perhaps it’s time to Reflect, Reward and Rework. Reflect What has taken place this year that you are grateful for? Perhaps new folks…

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Is Your Home Ready for the Holidays?

The hustle and bustle of the holidays is on! People are racing, facing and embracing the season with gusto, gladness and gifts galore! This is the time of year we show others how much we care. There may be holiday parties to attend and cards to send. Perhaps your home is the celebration destination, but…

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