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Benefits Veterans Don’t Know About-Gamburd Inc

There is a story of a man who was certain he could find gold by digging near his home. So, he dug, and he dug with no luck at all. He used tool after tool for years to find the hidden treasure but came up empty handed. The day arrived when he got so frustrated that he gave up completely and sold his land. Not long afterwards the new owner starts his own digging and just three feet from where the original owner had stopped was dirt brimming with gold!

Sometimes we are searching for our own gold nuggets in life but in the form of solutions. Sometimes we are digging for answers to the challenges we face, and the assignment can seem daunting. For the veterans and their families who have been seeking assistance, pause and consider this:

There are benefits veterans may have coming to them, but they just don’t know the benefits exist.

If you are a veteran who became disabled because of your time in the service, there are resources to help you acquire equipment that can help you in your home. One of those resources is the HISA Grant. This is a Home Improvement and Structural Alterations Grant that veterans who qualify can have home modifications that are needed based on the disability.

The HISA Grant will cover renovations such as:

  • Grab bars and hand rails
  • Driveway and path improvements
  • Electrical outlets and switches lowered
  • Bathroom and kitchen counters with improved access
  • Upgrading necessary access for sanitary lavatory facilities
  • For dialysis patients plumbing and electrical improvements
  • Accommodations allowing the veteran to enter or exit the home safely

Veterans who qualify for the HISA Grant need to acquire a medical determination that shows the above-mentioned improvements are needed in the home because of the disability. Veterans may be qualified to receive the HISA Grant and the SHA Grant. The SHA Grant is a Special Home Adaptation Grant. The veteran may also be able to obtain the SAH Grant which is the Specially Adapted Housing Grant.

If the veteran has a disability that is non-service-related up to $1,200 could be available to them. If they have a service-connected disability they may qualify for benefits up to $4,100 for home improvements.

When submitting requests to the VA for the home improvements that need to be done, it is best to use a company with experience in this. Gamburd has been serving families for over seventeen years and has an excellent reputation working with the VA. They have professionals who will provide the VA with all the required costs and site renderings necessary. Gamburd is here to assist veterans and their families to get the accessibility and mobility solutions they need for people to feel safe in their own home.

Gamburd appreciates all our military veterans. If you haven’t heard it from our lips personally – Thank you for your service!

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If the veteran doesn’t know where to begin, here are the steps to get started:

The details of the grants are in the link below.