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Best Stair Lifts of 2019-Gamburd Inc

We seem to be in a season where stair lifts, home elevators and walk in showers are the talk of the town. People are seeking solutions to alleviate the stress that comes with aging, progressive diseases and injuries from a fall or recent surgery. If you’re thinking a stair lift may be a good option for your home, this is the article for you!

Not all stair lifts, or sometimes called “stair chair lifts” are the same. Know your product, know your dealer and be sure that the item is manufactured in the USA! These are all critical components for you to have a safe and successful experience. Here are the best stair lifts for 2019:

#1 Bruno Stair Lifts

#2 Handicare

#3 Stannah

#4 Savaria

#5 Harmar

How Safe is a Stair Lift?

Stair lifts are safe and can provide a great solution for someone who has had surgery or is finding it difficult to navigate the steps. The accidents that do occur are usually from improper installation, inappropriate use or lack of maintenance. It is best to choose a company who specializes in stair lift installations and has employees who are factory certified technicians. Do not buy a stair lift from a company that is going to outsource the work! The person they outsource to may know nothing about the safest way to install the stair lift. Your well-being is not worth taking the risk with a company that does business this way!


How Do I Select the Best Stair Lift?

Know the Brands

Be sure to research the different brands and read consumer reviews. Avoid buying online or buying through a dealer that does not service or install the unit themselves.

Know the Dealer

Just as important as picking the most reliable manufacturer, also do your research on the dealer. Make sure the dealer has positive Yelp and Google reviews, has been in business for at least 10-15 years and has a large service department. If you pick the right one, you should not have many issues with your stair lift. However, if it does break, you do not want to wait for weeks for someone to come out.

Stay away from dealers who do not offer a flat rate for service calls or charge you for return trips for parts they do not stock. Stay away from dealers who do not service at all. Many dealers want to sell the units and not worry about having to repair. If your dealer does not have at least 5 full time repair technicians, move on. If your dealer outsources employees, move on. You should pay as much attention to service on the initial appointment as to the price itself.

Choose a Certified Dealer to Perform the Installation

Make sure your dealer has factory trained technicians. For an installer to be factory certified, he/she must fly out and spend a few days at the factory for training. They must then pass a series of tests. If your dealer does not have factory trained installers, move on to a company that does. That means they are either too small to afford to invest in their team or do not see certification as important.

Find a Dealer Who Understands Your Specific Needs

Look for a dealer who asks questions about the user. People have different needs and you want a dealer who will provide you with what you need, not what they happen to have in stock. If your dealer has less than 50 units in stock, find a different dealer. Find a dealer who has units in stock and carries replacement parts. If your stair lift does not function, every minute counts. You do not want to be stuck upstairs or downstairs waiting for the part to come in next week or so!

Select a Dealer with Warranty and Future Maintenance for Your Stair Lift

Make sure your dealer has a warranty that covers both labor and parts. Stay away from dealers who charge an hourly service rate versus a flat fee. Choose a dealer who wants to fix the issue quickly and not milk the clock or carry enough parts on their truck. Also avoid dealers who charge you for return trips for parts they don’t stock.

Know Where Stair Lifts are Made

Buying American is a wise choice not only due to quality control, but also due to the proximity and the costs associated with shipping parts. If for some reason a reputable dealer does not have a part in stock, an American manufacturer can overnight the parts in an emergency.

Where to Shop

We recommend doing a Yelp or Google search for a local stair lift dealer or contact Bruno directly and ask for a referral. The number one Bruno dealer in America can be reached at 888-902-2237.

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