Acorn Stairlift Rail vs Bruno Stairlift Rail

Bruno stairlift rail vs Acorn stairlift rail

After 17 years in the stairlift business you seem to think you know it all.  On a Friday afternoon I got chat message asking multiple questions about a product we sell.  Obviously this was someone who was doing research.  After multiple questions I asked for the phone number explaining that it would really simplify the whole process if we spoke over the phone.  Most people when shopping for a stairlift will google and find multiple online stores that will display a price.  They will also call on a local outfit like Gamburd and ask for our price.  Not all lifts are the same and there are some options that you might want to consider.  However it important to understand that when you buy online you still need to pay for shipping and installation which is not shown on most website until you checkout.