Wessex Home Elevator Video Featured on American Properties


Through floor lifts have been around for decades and were never too popular until now.   As demand rises for stair lifts we are starting to see new players entering the North American market for stair lift alternatives.   At Gamburd we display the Wessex through floor lift that rides from our showroom and into the conference room.  There are multiple companies out there that offer a through floor lift like; Stiltz, EasyClimber, and Telecab by Savaria.   A through floor lift is a great alternative to a full conventional elevator because they are quicker to install, don't require a pit, can easily be removed and cost far less.  A through floor lift price may range from $25,000 to $50,000 depending on which option and size you choose and of course the biggest factor is construction and where the lift will be located.  Below is an example of how a ceiling gets reinforced to accommodate a Wessex Lift.  It's important to scope out the area to make sure there aren't any utilities like gas lines, A/C ducts, fire sprinklers, plumbing or electrical.    

Ceiling reinforcement for Wessex Lift