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Stress Symptoms and the Affect it has on Your Life-Gamburd Inc

Stress Symptoms and the Affect it has on Your Life

April 5, 2019

What is your stress response? How do you handle events that bring stress to your life? What are your stress symptoms? Many define stress as: “a state of mental or emotional tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances”. In order to survive, some partake of a stress management class,…

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Anxiety vs Longevity-Gamburd Inc

Anxiety vs Longevity

March 28, 2019

  Centenarians, we know they exist, we may personally have met one in our own lifetime, but what is it that gives them the drive to thrive for 100 years or more? Could it be a lack of anxiety or a healthy diet to have longevity? Perhaps it’s the exercise,…

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Traumatic Brain Injury & The Tale of Natalie-Gamburd Inc

Traumatic Brain Injury & The Tale of Natalie

March 19, 2019

Sometimes we have days that start out completely normal and then suddenly something happens that can change our lives forever. This was one of those days for Natalie and her son Nicholas. She dropped Nicholas off at school at the usual hour and was headed into work battling the clock…

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Home Accessibility Review-Gamburd Inc

Home Accessibility Review

February 22, 2019

Life is mostly changes and challenges, many of which most families do not prepare to address. In today’s busy world wouldn’t it be nice to be able to make one call to one company and get all your questions answered about home accessibility? Sometimes areas of the home can be…

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Heart Health: Three Steps to a Happy Heart-Gamburd Inc

Heart Health: Three Steps to a Happy Heart

February 12, 2019

As time progresses, changes take place in our schedules, energy level, physical abilities and yes, sometimes even our waistline! Some of us may have been athletes in our younger days burning thousands of calories because of our active lifestyle. But what if we are still eating like a football player…

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The Truth About Stair Lifts-Gamburd Inc

The Truth About Stair Lifts

January 25, 2019

Have you ever wondered how people get the help they need when physical challenges disrupt their independence? You may be surprised! Sometimes folks will call on their peers, others will look to co-workers, glean wisdom from medical professionals, senior centers, social workers or articles. Let this blog be the one…

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Six Steps to Take After a Stroke-Gamburd Inc

Six Steps to Take After a Stroke

January 17, 2019

We’ve met many stroke patients throughout the years, perhaps you have too. Or maybe you have come through the scary experience yourself! Even though there are different types of strokes with equally haunting names, the stroke does not discriminate in the people it chooses. Patients of all ages and ethnicity…

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Overhead Lift Installation Process

January 4, 2019

Layout and Design Overhead ceiling lifts have been available for many years.  Most people are not aware that such items exists.  Depending on a person’s mobility, an overhead track lift could be a great solution for anyone having difficulty transferring from bed to chair. We normally recommend a lift system…

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Low Cost No Cost College for Golden-Age Candidates-Gamburd Inc

Low Cost No Cost College for Golden-Age Candidates

January 3, 2019

The love of learning is not always apprehended by the youth. As children we start out curious and hopefully carry that inquisitiveness throughout grammar school, into high school and beyond. But sometimes we get side tracked and distractions set in. We lose that genuine thirst for knowledge until we get…

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A New Year Celebrating A New You-Gamburd Inc

A New Year Celebrating A New You

December 19, 2018

As we bring another chapter of life to a close, and start celebrating a brand-new year, it’s good to pay attention to what nature is doing all around us. During this season the trees are losing their leaves. Consider this; are they losing their leaves or are they letting them…

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