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Fall prevention

7 Ways to Prevent Falls in Aging Parents at Home - Gamburd Inc

7 Ways to Prevent Falls in Aging Parents at Home

7 easy steps you can take to help your aging parents or older loved ones reduce their risk of a fall. – Let’s face it, the older you get, the more likely you can be seriously injured from a fall. The Center for Disease Control reports one in five falls causes injuries such as a…

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Fall Prevention Tips-Gamburd Inc

Fall Prevention Tips

The Fear of Falling – we experience it in our dreams, we overcome it in our toddler years and get to re-visit this anxiety in our golden years. The fear of falling is not without merit. We are told that one in four people age 65 or older fall each year. Unfortunately, this ends up…

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Gamburd in HomeCare Magazine

In the home medical equipment world—roiling with Medicare’s competitive bidding project, rampant audits, expanding red tape and reimbursement that increasingly dips below cost—it isn’t unusual for providers to lose hope for the future or even close their doors. Israel Gamburd of Gamburd Independent Living Solutions certainly saw the health-care sector’s liabilities, but he also saw…

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