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Healthy Eating During the Coronavirus Scare - Gamburd Inc

Healthy Eating During the Coronavirus Scare

We all want to have healthy, lean bodies, filled with energy, strength and stamina. The seniors in our lives are no different! We hear about the Coronavirus looming in the darkness. As we see diabetes, heart disease and cancer on the rise, it would behoove us to explore practical tips on healthy eating. Here are…

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2020 Election: How Will Your Vote Impact Disability Issues? - Gamburd Inc

2020 Election: How Will Your Vote Impact Disability Issues?

California’s primary election is just days away! Wouldn’t it be good to know where the candidates stand on issues that affect citizens with physical, mental or emotional challenges? Maybe it’s time for every elected official to earn the vote of those with disabilities. A non-profit organization called Respect Ability has released the 2020 Disability Voter Guide.…

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Gratitude: Unlocking the Joys of Life | Gamburd Inc

Gratitude: Unlocking the Joy of Life

When we take the time to express gratitude for the little things in life, it tends to make room for bigger and better things to come our way! When we have an attitude of Thanksgiving, it also allows us to recognize opportunities as they appear. Being Thankful Impacts Three Areas of Life 1. Attitude Having…

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Anxiety vs Longevity-Gamburd Inc

Anxiety vs Longevity

  Centenarians, we know they exist, we may personally have met one in our own lifetime, but what is it that gives them the drive to thrive for 100 years or more? Could it be a lack of anxiety or a healthy diet to have longevity? Perhaps it’s the exercise, or relationships that keep them…

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Six Steps to Take After a Stroke-Gamburd Inc

Six Steps to Take After a Stroke

We’ve met many stroke patients throughout the years, perhaps you have too. Or maybe you have come through the scary experience yourself! Even though there are different types of strokes with equally haunting names, the stroke does not discriminate in the people it chooses. Patients of all ages and ethnicity have endured this experience and…

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A New Year Celebrating A New You-Gamburd Inc

A New Year Celebrating A New You

As we bring another chapter of life to a close, and start celebrating a brand-new year, it’s good to pay attention to what nature is doing all around us. During this season the trees are losing their leaves. Consider this; are they losing their leaves or are they letting them go? The tree has been…

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How to Keep the Happy in Holidays-Gamburd Inc

How to Keep the Happy in Holidays

When we hear the word “holiday” it can bring a flood of emotions. For some, the word can trigger magical moments as a child, filled with laughter, song and special treats! For others it has the power to catapult into a dark place of unfulfilled expectations, loneliness and loss. No matter what the previous holidays…

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When Life’s Not Fair-Gamburd Inc

When Life’s Not Fair

Jerry had spent most of his adult life as a firefighter, rescuing people, pets and property. He loved what he did, and he was good at it! He did not mind the long commute to work and found fulfillment in helping people in crisis. Jerry just never expected to become one of those people. It…

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