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Top Ten Mother’s Day Gifts-Gamburd Inc

Top Ten Mother’s Day Gifts

People all over the world are searching for the top ten Mother’s Day gift ideas. They are wondering what to get Mom and how fast can Amazon deliver? For those who simply did not plan, here are some ideas: 1 – Book a Day at the Spa Moms work hard caring for their families and…

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The Avengers - What's Your EndGame?-Gamburd Inc

The Avengers – What’s Your EndGame?

THE AVENGERS – WHAT’S YOUR ENDGAME? “I STILL BELIEVE IN HEROES” ~ NICK FURY Life has a way of throwing obstacles on our paths, not to hurt us but to present us with options on how we may wish to move forward. Spectators gaze upon the warriors of this world who strategize to be victorious…

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Hidden Treasures-Gamburd Inc

Hidden Treasures

There are hidden treasures all around us. We can walk-through nature trails and find burrowing bunnies, snails racing across the path and wildflowers tucked beneath the greenery. But if we move too fast, we won’t notice them! There are hidden treasures in our homes. When was the last time you went through your mother or…

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Six Steps to Take After a Stroke-Gamburd Inc

Six Steps to Take After a Stroke

We’ve met many stroke patients throughout the years, perhaps you have too. Or maybe you have come through the scary experience yourself! Even though there are different types of strokes with equally haunting names, the stroke does not discriminate in the people it chooses. Patients of all ages and ethnicity have endured this experience and…

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Low Cost No Cost College for Golden-Age Candidates-Gamburd Inc

Low Cost No Cost College for Golden-Age Candidates

The love of learning is not always apprehended by the youth. As children we start out curious and hopefully carry that inquisitiveness throughout grammar school, into high school and beyond. But sometimes we get side tracked and distractions set in. We lose that genuine thirst for knowledge until we get old enough to appreciate it.…

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How to Keep the Happy in Holidays-Gamburd Inc

How to Keep the Happy in Holidays

When we hear the word “holiday” it can bring a flood of emotions. For some, the word can trigger magical moments as a child, filled with laughter, song and special treats! For others it has the power to catapult into a dark place of unfulfilled expectations, loneliness and loss. No matter what the previous holidays…

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When Life’s Not Fair-Gamburd Inc

When Life’s Not Fair

Jerry had spent most of his adult life as a firefighter, rescuing people, pets and property. He loved what he did, and he was good at it! He did not mind the long commute to work and found fulfillment in helping people in crisis. Jerry just never expected to become one of those people. It…

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Three Keys to Recovery-Gamburd Inc

Three Keys to Recovery

Life is filled with unexpected occurrences. We may be driving down Delightful Drive and the next minute we get broadsided and find ourselves hospitalized with injuries. Or perhaps we take an unexpected fall or discover that we now have a debilitating disease. None of this was expected. We certainly did not plan for this, and…

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Four Facets of Fatherhood-Gamburd Inc

Four Facets of Fatherhood

Fatherhood can be full of adventure, fun times and tears. It can also be a life filled with unexpected depths of love and complete chaos all in the same hour. Dads don’t always know how to navigate these turbulent waters – no one does really, there is no manual, no college course, no “Be the…

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Ages and Stages of Life-Gamburd Inc

Ages and Stages of Life

Seventy-five years ago it was very common for families in America to house several generations under one roof. It was typical for Dad to be the breadwinner, Mom to be the homemaker and the children to be surrounded by an aunt, grandparent or even great grandparent. Meals might not have been very elaborate but many…

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