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Anxiety vs Longevity-Gamburd Inc

Anxiety vs Longevity

  Centenarians, we know they exist, we may personally have met one in our own lifetime, but what is it that gives them the drive to thrive for 100 years or more? Could it be a lack of anxiety or a healthy diet to have longevity? Perhaps it’s the exercise, or relationships that keep them…

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Independence is not Always About Breaking Free-Gamburd Inc

Independence is not Always About Breaking Free

There is an element of life that we all strive for, from early ages until the end. It’s a natural drive that pulls us to a standing position as a toddler and generates little legs to take mighty steps. When we fall on our face, it’s that same energy that makes us oblivious to the…

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Four Facets of Fatherhood-Gamburd Inc

Four Facets of Fatherhood

Fatherhood can be full of adventure, fun times and tears. It can also be a life filled with unexpected depths of love and complete chaos all in the same hour. Dads don’t always know how to navigate these turbulent waters – no one does really, there is no manual, no college course, no “Be the…

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Gamburd in HomeCare Magazine

In the home medical equipment world—roiling with Medicare’s competitive bidding project, rampant audits, expanding red tape and reimbursement that increasingly dips below cost—it isn’t unusual for providers to lose hope for the future or even close their doors. Israel Gamburd of Gamburd Independent Living Solutions certainly saw the health-care sector’s liabilities, but he also saw…

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