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Stair Chair Lifts

Chair Lifts for Stairs With Landings - Gamburd Inc

Chair Lifts for Stairs With Landings

There are many reasons landings are added to stairs. They allow stairs to change directions and also provide a space for people to rest, if needed. Stair landings are also needed when a door at the top of the steps swings inwards towards the stairway. Building codes require landings or a change in direction for…

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Best Stair Lifts of 2019-Gamburd Inc

Best Stair Lifts of 2019

We seem to be in a season where stair lifts, home elevators and walk in showers are the talk of the town. People are seeking solutions to alleviate the stress that comes with aging, progressive diseases and injuries from a fall or recent surgery. If you’re thinking a stair lift may be a good option…

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