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Unusual Ways People Use Their Stair Lift

We have been providing mobility solutions for families for over 18 years. Not even the most experienced professionals in our company thought of these unique problem-solving techniques! Our clients have shared some very colorful signs of creativity! Here is our disclaimer: The stairlifts we install are to be used only for the transporting of one…

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The Right to be Included

Have you ever had the experience of being bullied, left out or pushed out? The disappointment, shock and sense of betrayal can be extremely painful. For some, the confrontation may leave emotional scars for years! Whether you have been the victim of “the mean girls club” or worse, making a come back and trying to…

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Aging Gracefully in Place

Nobody wants to feel old. They may have turned 80 which basically means they have survived 80 trips around the sun! They may not look or feel their age, but each year they ask themselves, “where has the time gone?”. We know we’re getting older when we have ourselves locked into a certain age in…

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Fire Safety for People with Physical Challenges

In a society where many enter and exit their homes through their garages into their vehicles, years could pass before one ever meets their neighbor! In the name of convenience, we avoid conversations with the family next door because we’re too busy or just not sure we want to engage at all. What has happened…

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The Price of Procrastination

We’ve all been there…we had a decision to make that was looming over us like a heavy cloud. This cloud may have been hovering for weeks, months or even years! When someone with a physical challenge is relying on a person who procrastinates ~ the ramifications can be devastating. When people suspend decision making, there’s…

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Why People Are Choosing These Stair Lifts

WHY PEOPLE ARE CHOOSING THESE STAIR LIFTS   Stair Lifts, Chair Lifts, Stair Lift Elevator, Stair Chair Lifts, etc. There are lots of names people have given that mighty innovation that carries us from one floor of our home to the next. This invention was designed in 1923 by C.C. Crispin who at the time…

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Life Before Stair Lifts

We can easily forget that we didn’t always have the technology and gadgets we use today. I am reminded of how far we have come when my kids ask me how old I was when I had my first cell phone. I search the recesses of my mind and blurt out 30, I think? The…

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Best Stair Lifts of 2019

We seem to be in a season where stair lifts, home elevators and walk in showers are the talk of the town. People are seeking solutions to alleviate the stress that comes with aging, progressive diseases and injuries from a fall or recent surgery. If you’re thinking a stair lift may be a good option…

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