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The Avengers - What's Your EndGame?-Gamburd Inc

The Avengers – What’s Your EndGame?

THE AVENGERS – WHAT’S YOUR ENDGAME? “I STILL BELIEVE IN HEROES” ~ NICK FURY Life has a way of throwing obstacles on our paths, not to hurt us but to present us with options on how we may wish to move forward. Spectators gaze upon the warriors of this world who strategize to be victorious…

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Modular Curved Stair Lift

What would you prefer on your staircase?   Curving stairlifts can be the ultimate stair climbing solution if your stairs turn to the left or right. This is true except when an inferior stairlift model is chosen. “Modular” or “Kit of parts” stair lifts are offered for manufacturers convenience and profit not customer satisfaction. The…

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Out with Acorn Stair Lift Elevator In with Bruno

Our customer Doreen saw a TV commercial and bought an Acorn stair lift. She then came to Abilities Expo and saw our Bruno stair lift display and asked if she could try it. Here is a video of Doreen after she rides a Bruno Stair Lift.     Here is a video of Doreen using…

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Stairlift for your four legged friend

Sometimes getting up and down the stairs can prove just as tedious for our four legged friends as it can for us. Man’s best friend unfortunately doesn’t have an option to put in a stairlift like his two legged counterpart- Until Today!!! Gamburd, Inc. has just introduced a platform modification to Bruno’s SRE-2010. This platform…

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Salinas, CA. Overhead Patient Lift Installation

Salinas, CA. Overhead Patient Lift Installation that required customizing the door opening and framing. This job looks simple but due to the multiple ceiling heights it required very careful planning. Overhead patient lift are becoming more and more popular, this system is completely automatic. Our client will be able to get out of bed and…

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San Rafael, 2 Stop Home Elevator

This custom built home in the hills of San Rafael happened to have the perfect setting for an indoor elevator. Our clients needed to make their home accessible for their elderly family members and friends with disabilities. A stair lift was out of the question as their aim was to provide full access for a…

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Encino Accessible Home-Gamburd Inc

Encino Accessible Home

Imagine a home you can grow old in. Imagine raising your children and retiring all in the same place, a multigenerational home in which your parents can visit and even stay without the worry of having to climb stairs or getting into and out of that tub/shower combo safely. Eliminating the barriers of daily living…

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102 Foot Stair Lift for Our 92 year Old Friend

This year Gamburd Inc. broke its own record by installing the world’s longest stairlift for Mary. To put 102 feet into perspective consider this: On average a Bruno handmade custom stairlift has 4 rail sections and is 20 feet long. People often think that stairlifts are mounted to walls, but they are actually mounted to…

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1920’s Home transformation into a Board and Care Facility

Raya’s Paradise board and care remodeling project located in Los Angeles, CA. This 6th location 1920 original English Tudor got a complete makeover on the inside and outside. The new layout has 4ft wide hallways and accessible bathrooms and showers that allow for easy bathing. We used new materials such as a new folding teak…

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