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2020 Election: How Will Your Vote Impact Disability Issues? - Gamburd Inc

2020 Election: How Will Your Vote Impact Disability Issues?

California’s primary election is just days away! Wouldn’t it be good to know where the candidates stand on issues that affect citizens with physical, mental or emotional challenges? Maybe it’s time for every elected official to earn the vote of those with disabilities. A non-profit organization called Respect Ability has released the 2020 Disability Voter Guide.…

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Does Driving Really Equal Independence? - Gamburd Inc

Does Driving Really Equal Independence?

Do you remember the excitement that filled your heart when you were about to turn sixteen and couldn’t wait to get your driver’s license? We were counting the hours up to that momentous occasion that would provide us with fun and independence! We would be licensed to go wherever we wanted to go, provided we…

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5 Action Steps to Feel Better Today - Gamburd Inc

5 Action Steps to Feel Better Today

Five action steps to start the day off right.   We’ve all experienced plateaus in life when things got flat and lost their sizzle. Maybe the winter blues brought it on, or sudden bad news reached our ears and hurt our heart. Whatever may have triggered a sense of unhappiness, know there are some very…

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4 Tips to a Healthier Version of You - Gamburd Inc.

4 Tips to a Healthier Version of You

Now that the holidays are over, many households have tossed the sweet treats and are trying to get back into shape. The gym attendance is at an all-time high (at least until March) and people are seeking to accomplish their health goals for the new year. There are so many options out there, it can…

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Gratitude: Unlocking the Joys of Life | Gamburd Inc

Gratitude: Unlocking the Joy of Life

When we take the time to express gratitude for the little things in life, it tends to make room for bigger and better things to come our way! When we have an attitude of Thanksgiving, it also allows us to recognize opportunities as they appear. Being Thankful Impacts Three Areas of Life 1. Attitude Having…

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The Price of Procrastination

We’ve all been there…we had a decision to make that was looming over us like a heavy cloud. This cloud may have been hovering for weeks, months or even years! When someone with a physical challenge is relying on a person who partakes in procrastination – the ramifications can be devastating. When people suspend decision…

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Celebrate Your Independence!-Gamburd Inc

Celebrate Your Independence!

Chances are we have all been in a situation at some point in our lives when we were physically disabled or put out of commission for a season. Perhaps it was a broken arm in grade school, a fractured leg from skiing or a surgical procedure that made us feel like we were dependent on…

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The Avengers - What's Your EndGame?-Gamburd Inc

The Avengers – What’s Your EndGame?

THE AVENGERS – WHAT’S YOUR ENDGAME? “I STILL BELIEVE IN HEROES” ~ NICK FURY Life has a way of throwing obstacles on our paths, not to hurt us but to present us with options on how we may wish to move forward. Spectators gaze upon the warriors of this world who strategize to be victorious…

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Hidden Treasures-Gamburd Inc

Hidden Treasures

There are hidden treasures all around us. We can walk-through nature trails and find burrowing bunnies, snails racing across the path and wildflowers tucked beneath the greenery. But if we move too fast, we won’t notice them! There are hidden treasures in our homes. When was the last time you went through your mother or…

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Stress Symptoms and the Affect it has on Your Life-Gamburd Inc

Stress Symptoms and the Affect it has on Your Life

What is your stress response? How do you handle events that bring stress to your life? What are your stress symptoms? Many define stress as: “a state of mental or emotional tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances”. In order to survive, some partake of a stress management class, others may have adopted “coping…

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