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Creative Solutions Amidst the Coronavirus Crisis - Gamburd Inc

The state of emergency that Coronavirus has created is astounding. Many are in self quarantine, others in lock down locations where visitors, vendors and family are no longer allowed access. While the news keeps us on our toes wondering what the next big announcement will be, some have found creative solutions during this Coronavirus Crisis.

Word got out that Trader Joes was showing compassion to their senior customers by offering an early access into their stores ahead of the crowd lined up at their doors. Since the big run on bottled water, toilet paper and food in general began, one can only imagine the extra stress on our elderly!

They may not move as quickly as others; handicapped parking could be a challenge and they may be the only hope to get supplies to a sick spouse at the house. Apparently not all Trader Joes are offering this great idea, as discovered in Monrovia, CA so it’s best to call ahead to make sure!

Target stores on the other hand, have decided to offer the first hour of shopping each Wednesday exclusively for seniors and those who may be especially vulnerable. Albertsons, Vons and Safeway stores are also offering a special two-hour window every Tuesday and Thursday morning for pregnant ladies, seniors and other at-risk populations.

It’s no secret that Amazon is flourishing during this time as are other companies that offer home delivery services. Now that Amazon owns Whole Foods Market Stores, they too have decided to accommodate the 60+ crowd with special shopping times one hour prior to the general public coming into their stores.

Vallarta Supermarkets are also opening their stores early for the disabled and elderly to shop from 7AM-8AM. Smart & Final is encouraging those 65 and older to arrive at 7:30 AM to beat the normal rush hour at 8:00AM.

Other companies are showing compassion during this crisis with various offers for relief. Enterprise car rental has changed the minimum age from 21 to 18 years old to be able to rent a vehicle. This effort is to extend hope to the masses of college students exiting dorms to hurry home. Classes have been cancelled or moved to online only disrupting final exams, graduations and more.

Ford Motor Company now provides relief to current customers with an option for delayed payments as well as hopeful new car owners an opportunity to push back their first payments up to 90 days. Hyundai is launching a program that offers up to six months of car payments for anyone who has an involuntary job loss and is a new buyer.

Several phone service providers have also jumped on the bandwagon:

  • AT&T is waiving late fees related to the coronavirus crisis. They have chosen to suspend termination of wireless and landlines if a current customer is unable to pay their bill due to any disruptions stemming from the coronavirus crisis.
  • Verizon promises they too are suspending termination on their services and waiving late fees for their loyal followers.
  • T-Mobile proclaims that “keeping you connected is top priority” and are offering their customers bill pay arrangements and free international calling for “all T-Mobile and T-Mobile for Metro customers Level 3 impacted countries”.

I am sure many will be happy to hear that Southern California Edison is “temporarily suspending disconnections for customers unable to pay their bill. And will waive some late payment charges.

One particular company is no stranger to staying ahead of the curve. Gamburd is taking extra precautions to make sure seniors and those with physical disabilities get the help they need.

For over 18 years, Gamburd has been bringing home modifications and safety to thousands of people with various physical challenges. They offer mobility and accessibility solutions with ease, comfort and now a new way of doing things!

If you or someone you know needs a home modification, we are aware that inviting a stranger into your house during these uncertain times can be very stressful.

Therefore, we would like to offer you a Virtual Consultation. Please watch this short clip to learn how you can use a smart phone, tablet or computer with no health risk or obligation involved to experience a virtual showroom visit.

Hearing about equipment like stairlifts, over-head lifts, ShowerBuddy Systems, and residential elevators is one thing, but seeing what they look like and how they work is quite different! Click here to watch this short video.

Gamburd’s team of seasoned professionals work with veterans, seniors, and those who have suffered a catastrophic injury or are navigating a progressive disease. Hospitals, Physical Rehab Centers and medical professionals throughout CA refer their patients to Gamburd because their reputation in the industry has been outstanding for over 18 years.

The Virtual Consultation is free and there is no obligation. You may schedule your appointment by calling (888) 902-2237, emailing us at, or via our website’s live chat system.