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Gratitude: Unlocking the Joys of Life | Gamburd Inc

When we take the time to express gratitude for the little things in life, it tends to make room for bigger and better things to come our way! When we have an attitude of Thanksgiving, it also allows us to recognize opportunities as they appear.

Being Thankful Impacts Three Areas of Life

1. Attitude

Having an attitude of gratitude changes the whole dynamic of a person! We may not always comment on it, but we certainly notice when someone enters our space with a charge of positivity! The mood of an entire room can change when an individual chooses to express joy in their tone and body language. Imagine the results if everyone in a family, company or community decided to be grateful!

2. Altitude

Gratefulness lifts the spirits of those touched by thankful people. It sends a charge of excitement for others to latch onto and raises their expectations that good things are coming their way! Appreciation helps to pull not only our self, but others out of dark places of suffering.

3. Awareness

Expressing contentment not only raises awareness, but also allows us to see the good in others. Any of us can be a catalyst for change by encouraging the greatness in another person. Being appreciative allows us to see solutions that were not visible before.

Thankful people are not without pain, loss or sadness themselves; they simply choose to be grateful. Gratitude is a gift that multiplies in effectiveness reaching into the very soul of society.

Ways to Show Gratitude

  • To the Senior: Show an interest to listen and visit over a coffee and a cookie.
  • To the Significant Other: Notice all the little things they do to show you they care. No one likes feeling they are taken for granted.
  • To the Child: Offer time, attention and words that will build up their confidence.
  • To the Neighbor: Invite, include and dare to be friendly with acts of kindness.
  • To the Co-Worker: Learn what’s important to them. Are they financially driven or do they prefer recognition? Some may desire to belong to a team, where their input is valued.

Seasons of Thanksgiving may come and go, but it’s up to us to maintain a grateful heart every day. Some people write down that which they are thankful for each night, others make sure to bring it to mind every morning. Whatever the method, we can’t go wrong when gratitude is impacting latitude. For indeed it is the recipe for a life of joy all year long.