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Hidden Treasures-Gamburd Inc

There are hidden treasures all around us. We can walk-through nature trails and find burrowing bunnies, snails racing across the path and wildflowers tucked beneath the greenery. But if we move too fast, we won’t notice them!

There are hidden treasures in our homes. When was the last time you went through your mother or grandmother’s jewelry box? There may be clip on earrings that haven’t seen the light of day for 50 years! Brooches and bracelets, pendants and rings all with shiny stones or aging gold, but each one of these has a story!

The People in Our Lives

If she’s here today, you can ask her about the jewels she has tucked away. She might have tales of a wedding she attended and the man she met that day. There may have been a date, or a special event attached to that glistening piece, or perhaps a lifetime of romance! Maybe that man is now your grandfather!

Sometimes schedules can get so hectic and demanding we forget that there are these hidden treasures all around us that are not really concealed at all. The laughter of a child, the sigh of contentment from a loved one, the sounds of birds chirping as they greet the day. Have we gotten so busy that we forget to enjoy the greenery of the morning? The warmth of the afternoon sun and the golden rays of a sunset? All of these could be gifts to us. If only we would take the time to notice…

The Small Things in Life

What messages are they giving you? The bird in flight, is their story one of freedom or learning how to soar on the winds of adversity? The snail etching along the sidewalk that must seem like a million miles long – is that saga one of perseverance, thirst, or the longing to find his friend on the other side? The butterfly that surprises you along the path – what tale does she tell? One of losing everything and having a complete meltdown just to rise again more beautiful than ever? The aging parent that waits patiently for your time and attention – what is their message?

When life is filled with tension it’s easy to imagine exotic vacations on the beach. But what if that stress has enveloped us because we fail to see the hidden treasures set before us every day? There’s something to be said for not always thinking ahead to the next conversation or event. Being present in the moment with whoever is by our side could be an unopened gift of knowledge, insight and wisdom!

There may be people in our lives for just a season. But what if they were brought to us for a specific reason? If we can appreciate the gift of this day, this hour, this moment of time, we will probably find treasures that we have been racing past all along!

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