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Home Accessibility Review-Gamburd Inc

Life is mostly changes and challenges, many of which most families do not prepare to address. In today’s busy world wouldn’t it be nice to be able to make one call to one company and get all your questions answered about home accessibility?

Sometimes areas of the home can be wrong for so long, that we no longer see the accidents waiting to happen. When we reside in the same living space every day, we tend to get used to how things are, not realizing how they should be. Sometimes a small change is all it takes to keep family members safe. So, let’s take a walk through together and make notes of what could be adjusted.

Home safety starts at the curb. When a friend is coming for a visit can they easily see your address, or has it faded from the curb? Is the house number on your property visible or hidden by branches? If a friend is having trouble seeing the address, imagine the delay a paramedic might experience during an emergency?

Safety Measures Outside

Now walk to your front door. Is the lighting good? Is the walkway even and free from clutter? If you have steps to enter your home, is there a stable handrail or is it wobbly? Does the doorbell work? Is the lighting good enough to see the key for the front door?

What if an individual is not able to walk to the front door? Some homes have massive steps going up to their entrance and not everyone is physically able to make that climb. If that’s the case, outdoor stairlifts can provide a solution and prevent the homeowner from having to sell their property!

If the resident is in a wheelchair, is there a threshold in place for easy home accessibility? For an incline of more than two inches, is there a ramp that follows the ADA formula? (For every inch of rise there should be a foot of ramp.) If there is a lack of yard space to install a ramp, a vertical platform lift (VPL) is a wonderful choice! These can be installed in small spaces which also makes them a great benefit for those living in mobile home parks.

Safety Measures Inside

When entering your home is there a loose rug at the front entrance? If so, it is best to remove it. In fact, all small throw rugs should be gone Hallways should have hand rails, staircases should have good lighting at the bottom and top. If steps have become a challenge, installing a stairlift could be a life saver! Not sure what to look for in a stair lift? Click Here to learn the truth about stairlifts.

Perhaps an in-home elevator is more your speed. There are tremendous selections available these days that are about a third of the cost. And yet offer four different sizes with one elevator big enough to hold a wheelchair and a care giver. The Wessex Elevator can be installed without breaking through walls. It runs on electricity with a battery back up in case there is a power outage, so no one gets stuck! Each elevator has a phone inside and has safety sensors in case the family pet falls asleep on top of or under the unit.

Bathroom Safety 

Now, if you’re feeling brave, let’s take a tour of the most dangerous room in the house – the bathroom! If you have a tub, and would like to continue using it, but may have issues stepping high enough to clear the 14 inches to get into the tub, a tub cut out may be what you’re looking for! The cut out brings that 14-inch step down to a 4-inch step and can be done using the existing tub. It doesn’t matter if your current bath is fiberglass, cast iron or glazed, this amazing transformation can be done in a day!

Grab bars are a must in every bathroom no matter the ages of the residents. Children can slip just as easily as a teen, adult or senior. If someone is feeling sensitive about having others know they need grab bars, there are elegant grab bar choices that look like towel racks, paper holders etc. and yet they are extremely sturdy grab bars!

We have all slipped in the shower at some point. So why not protect from future falls by having a non-slip coating applied? The cost is minimal, can be done in a day and is much safer than any bath mat. If the resident is in a wheelchair, using a company that has an in-house construction team is a huge plus! Not only can licensed contractors widen doorways, but they can modify any room in the house and create beautiful barrier free showers! If a home modification is not an option, another popular remedy is a better version of the typical shower chair called the Shower Buddy System.

Solutions for the Home

Sometimes an individual may be living with a progressive disease like MS or ALS or may not have full use of their limbs. In this case, installing overhead lifts can be a lifesaver for not only the patient but their caregiver! So often the health of the care giver gets compromised just by lifting and moving the loved one. With an overhead ceiling lift, there is no base taking up floor space, it’s quiet, it’s smooth and efficient.

All these home accessibility solutions were designed to help people live their best life. We all know life is not always fair. We can be moving along fine one day and the next day we find ourselves in an accident, or in the doctor’s office being given a diagnosis. No matter what your family may be going through today, know that there is a company you can call to get all your home accessibility questions answered and your mobility needs met. They are here to serve you through the various ages and stages of life. Because Gamburd is a family owned and operated business, all their clients are treated like family. It’s good to know, we really are all in this together!

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