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How to Keep the Happy in Holidays-Gamburd Inc

When we hear the word “holiday” it can bring a flood of emotions. For some, the word can trigger magical moments as a child, filled with laughter, song and special treats! For others it has the power to catapult into a dark place of unfulfilled expectations, loneliness and loss. No matter what the previous holidays delivered to your doorstep, perhaps this is a time to release the past and create the holidays we desire.

Here are three areas that may need our attention:


Take time to surround yourself with healthy and happy friendships. Sometimes we fall into routines that are familiar. But familiar is not always good. Which friends are the ones that bring out the best in you? Who is it that enriches your life? The holidays can be filled with demands on our time, we don’t need to be with people who drain our energy. It’s also good to balance social events with alone time to re-charge our own spirits.


This can be a time of enjoying the recipes of happy tradition and trying new delights, but it can also be a time of self-awareness. What foods can I choose off the buffet that bring me strength verses the sweets that may throw me into a sugar slump? What we eat (and how much we eat) can empower us to be social or sleepy – the choice is ours!

Focus Outward

We have heard it 1000 times: it’s better to give than receive. Why is that? When someone is given over to a state of depression, helping them to focus on the needs of others will often pull them out of that dark place. By looking for ways to help someone else, we find enjoyment because we have become part of the solution.

The holiday season is a great time to seek out neighbors, charities and strangers we can assist knowing that every little bit we do, could help. We may not be able to change the world with our act of kindness, but we can become a world changer to the person who needed a miracle that day.