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The hustle and bustle of the holidays is on! People are racing, facing and embracing the season with gusto, gladness and gifts galore! This is the time of year we show others how much we care. There may be holiday parties to attend and cards to send. Perhaps your home is the celebration destination, but how safe is it for your guests?

It may be a good idea to take a quick walk through and look over your property with fresh eyes. Here are some safety tips to consider:

Your Address

Check your house number. Can it be seen from the street or do the hedges need a quick trim? Not only will this frustrate your guests if they can’t find your home, but it could be a serious hinderance for emergency vehicles should they need to pay you a visit!

Got Steps?

Are there steps going to your front door? If they are loose or uneven, they need to be fixed before Aunt Fanny takes a fall! Do your outdoor steps have adequate lighting or motion sensors? Is there a hand rail for wobbly Uncle Walter who will insist he is fine….until he’s not.

Tripping Hazards

When people enter your home is there clutter that could cause tripping? Worse yet, are there throw rugs throughout the home that most definitely will cause tripping? As decorative as they may be, they need to go! Nothing screams broken hip faster than a throw rug.


Now that we are inside the house, are there stairs inside that do not have adequate lighting at the top and bottom? You know your house has 14 steps going up but no one else knows that. If they take a trip to the next level, they could be in for a serious surprise. All it takes is to miss a step or two then it’s broken wrist – how do you do?

Are there railings on one or both sides of the staircase? None you say, well don’t delay! We are not only in the home modification business we are also the “keep you out of the hospital” help team!

Lengthy Visits?

Are your house guests staying for dinner or for a week? Does the bathroom need grab bars near the toilet or shower? If you currently have the suction cup grab bars, they gotta go! They are unstable and provide a false sense of security as they slide down the wall or pop off. And they always pop off at the wrong time! You don’t want your house guest to acquire a new nickname while staying at your place. Broken Back Jack won’t want to visit again! (And neither will anyone else)

Does the bathtub still make sense for everyone in the home or is a tub cut a solution that will enhance the safety of your loved ones?

The holidays should be a time of celebrating health, relationships and long life. Make sure your home is ready to embrace your guests with the love and safety you want for yourselves. If you’re not sure what products could help you achieve an environment conducive to all levels of mobility, give us a call! We have compassionate people waiting to help answer all your questions. 888-902-2237.

Go with Gamburd – We’re Helping People Keep the Happy in their Holidays!