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A New Year Celebrating A New You-Gamburd Inc

As we bring another chapter of life to a close, and start celebrating a brand-new year, it’s good to pay attention to what nature is doing all around us. During this season the trees are losing their leaves. Consider this; are they losing their leaves or are they letting them go?

The tree has been nourishing it’s leaves with life giving sap. That sap has provided energy to that leaf, keeping it attached and strengthened to endure mighty winds.

Trees aren’t the only ones who get blown around in life. Perhaps the winds of change have come to your house. Storms visit everyone at some point in time, temperatures drop, and we instinctively know that change has come upon us. If we pay attention, that could be an opportunity for us to let go of some things.

What could we choose to let go of right now? Is there baggage I’m dragging into my future that really should be left behind? What emotions have we nourished with our own energies that should have been cut off long ago? Nature goes through a self-pruning every year, maybe we should too.

Here are three areas of life that we can explore to help in this process:


We have all heard the story of the child weeping over their broken toy. They clutch on somehow believing that if they hold on with all their might, their toy would somehow work again. What the child does not realize is that they must let go of the old in order to receive the new.

How many times have we clung on to a person, dream or expectation that was never going to be what we hoped it would become? And yet because we have poured so much time and energy into that relationship or dream, we feel we can’t let go. Maybe this is the time to release, so we can start celebrating the good that is headed our way.


The time between the December holidays and the start of a new year can be a great time to do some self-reflection. Perhaps there are some folks with whom we need to make amends. A heart felt apology can work wonders for the soul! Perhaps it’s time to straighten up the house, give away, throw away or just re-arrange furniture for a new look? Maybe it’s paperwork that needs to be gone through once and for all. Whatever it is that could be clogging up our energy flow, now is the time to let it go.


There are various ways we can refresh ourselves: some people take a nap, others meditate, exercise, or seek some quiet time to read and rest. The author Corrie Ten Boom gave herself a break in the day by enjoying a small square of chocolate with a hot cup of tea. Whatever your style may be, it’s important to set time aside to replenish oneself because in doing so we enjoy a better version of us.

Whether we are blowing past the finish line or moving slowly, the end of one year comes with the promise of celebrating a new one.