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Every single step is an obstacle if you are no longer able to independently climb stairs due to illness or disability – be it at home, at the doctor’s office, in public buildings or when visiting friends and relatives. The new scalamobil makes difficult routes accessible again: It doesn't matter whether stairs are steep, narrow or windy, whether they are made from wood, stone or carpeted: scalamobil easily and smoothly climbs all stairs. And it is simply and safely operated with little effort. scalamobil is suited to most common models of wheelchair. A special bracket simply has to be fitted on the wheelchair and scalamobil is fixed to this in just a few steps. The benefit: The wheelchair driver does have to move in and out of the seat.

Scalamobil Benefits

  • Can be used for emergency evacuation to move people up or down stairs and out of the building
  • Affordable accessibility solution
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Can be used on various stairways within a building
  • Can be used when electrical power fails or is not available
  • Easily stores in a secure area when not in use
  • Available immediately

Dimensions and Specification

Climbing Speed:  6-19 steps/min

Range: Up to 300 steps

Weight Capacity: 308lbs

Height: 48-63

Weight: 56lb

Width: 17-21

Here is how it works


Scala Chair

Given its small dimensions, the scalastuhl X3 is a useful alternative to a normal wheelchair, especially in small apartments or narrow stairwells. The bracket for the scalamobil is already integrated in the scalastuhl X3. The scalastuhl X3 can be removed in only a few steps and can be used indoors as a push-chair. The scalastuhl X3 is also designed to transport special seat shells, which can be fitted on the scalastuhl X3 by your medical product retailer using adapters. The soft wheels with brakes make the product easy to push and stable when moving into/out of the seat. The cushions can be taken off and washed. A foldable version is also available. This can be folded together in one step and thereby stowed in very little space. A headrest for comfortable seating, push handles and a belt system round off the accessories for the scalastuhl X3. Weight and dimensions:



Scala Port

When combined with scalamobil, the scalaport X7 allows many different wheelchairs to be transported up and down stairs without a bracket having to be fitted on every individual wheelchair and without the large wheelchair wheels having to be taken off. scalaport X7 is intended especially for nursing homes, transport providers and public buildings such as schools or museums. It also allows wheelchairs to be transported privately if the frame geometry of the wheelchair does not allow a standard bracket to be fitted for the scalamobil. The entire wheelchair is secured to the scalaport X7 to be transported up or down stairs. The new folding mechanism permits both stowing in small spaces and simple system transport. You will find more information in our catalog. CLICK HERE

Product Features


SoftTouch comfort cushion on the rear of the control unit to place on the thigh for additional support when climbing stairs backwards.


Uncluttered display with clear indication of direction and warning signal when the battery charge is low.


One charge can climb up to 300 steps. The battery can be charged separately from scalamobil.


Interface for programming and setting the IQ feature. Switch for activating/deactivating single step mode.


Electronic automatic charge and switch off mechanism. Indicator for charge control.


Patented climbing mechanism for universal use on virtually any stairs. Four automatic safety brakes with improved surmounting of obstacles reliably stop the scalamobil before the edge of each step.


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