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Seeking Solutions for Seniors-Gamburd Inc

The senior community is growing in numbers every day! By the year 2035 the US Census Bureau tells us that for the first time in history, there will be more seniors than younger people in the United States. There will be 78 million people age 65 and older! Are we ready as a nation to handle this?

Options for the Future

Families have been scrambling for decades, seeking assistance to care for their parents and grandparents. Some are electing to stay in their home. There, they will make modifications that will enable loved ones to be safe no matter how limited their mobility may be. It’s important for us to recognize there are other options that provide support strategies. If we discover solutions for healthy aging and decrease the stress involved in the search, we will be ready for the influx of the 78 million seniors.

While some do select to keep their older family members at home, not all choose to go down that path. Others are pursuing residential care options, but not all of those properties are created equal! One in particular has taken healthy aging more seriously and got creative with mobility solutions and programs that benefit their residents.

Solutions for Seniors

Raya’s Paradise is taking the residential care community to a whole new level! They provide a Life Enrichment Program that supports each resident’s desire for self-care. By offering Music Memory and Art Expression they are enhancing life skills. Their Therapy Kitchen allows residents to cook and bake in order to activate sense of smell and taste, thereby stimulating memories. Raya’s Paradise is a homelike setting. It offers the best amenities for the physical, social and cognitive health of their residents. They are empowering people to enjoy life again!

They have seven locations and another one coming soon! Take a look at their newest property and see the modifications that Gamburd installed into this beautiful home: from barrier free showers to over-head ceiling lifts in every bedroom and hallway so residents can maneuver without fear of falling.

Shouldn’t every residential care community have solutions for seniors and modifications like this to accommodate their residents?

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