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Handicare Stairlift Curved 2000

A curved stair lift is the optimal choice for spiral staircases or ones that have a landing or bend along the way. The Handicare 2000 boasts the tightest track bends in the industry today, allowing it to fit most staircases.

Each Handicare stairlift curved 2000 is custom built based off of the specific parameters of your home’s architecture to ensure it fits tightly against your wall, ensuring your staircase is left with the maximum amount of space. If space at the bottom of your staircase is a concern, we can eliminate it altogether when the seat is parked upstairs by adding a powered hinge that lifts and folds the track away when not in use.

The 2000 provides a wide range of versatility – from its seat and track options to its upgrade options. The 2000 stair lift is manufactured from durable, weather-resistant materials allowing it to also be installed outdoors. Perfect for front walkways, porches or decks, the 2000 outdoor unit helps you get back to enjoying Mother Nature.

Unique Features

  • Weight limit: 300 lbs

  • Multiple charging points

  • Fold-up seat, footrest and armrests save space for other stair users

  • Safety sensors immediately stop the lift if anything is detected in its path

  • Adjustable seat height ensures the perfect fit for each user

  • Manual swivel seat for safer transfer onto and off of the lift

  • Key switch prevents unauthorized use

  • Large, carpeted footrest provides more traction

  • Manual emergency stop

  • Two remote controls included

  • Retractable seat belt included

  • DC plug-in power

  • Battery back-up in the event of power outage

Seat Options


Smart Seat

We ensure that the seat is fitted just for you with fully adjustable settings for height, width and depth. Should you prefer to upgrade to a powered swivel or attach a body harness, the Smart Seat easily allows you to do so.

Easy-to-clean and maintain, the Smart Seat will also look great in your home. A leather-grain finish with six color options to choose from, this durable seat is also water-resistant and extremely easy to clean making it the perfect option for outdoors. Our popular Perch seat also muses its design off of the Smart Seat.

Options Available: Body Harness, Powered Footrest, Powered Swivel Seat

Colors Available:




Perch Seat

Ideal for those with knee or hip flexion problems, the Perch Seat alleviates the need to sit down each time you want to ride your stair lift. Less deep and higher than a traditional seated system, it allows you to use the stair lift without needing to attain a fully seated position – instead, you will be in a nearly standing position, using the half seat for support.

The Perch Seat can also be a solution for narrow staircases where standard stair lift seats do not have the clearance or knees may collide with the opposite rail’s banister.

Options Available: Body Harness, Powered Footrest

Colors Available:




Style Seat

Handicare’s Style seat allows you to combine the 2000 curved track system with optional powered features to fold the footrest after use or swivel the seat to enhance ease of exit.

This stylish solution is tailored to your needs and your individual staircase, ensuring the best fit possible while also giving you a choice of upholstery finishes and colors.

Maximum capacity with:

  • Hinged track: 255lbs

  • Non-hinged track: 255lbs

  • Heavy duty kit: 350lbs

Colors Available:


Handicare Stairlift Options

<h4>Powered Footrest</h4>

Powered Footrest

<h4>Body Harness</h4>

Body Harness

<h4>Power Swivel Seat

Power Swivel Seat

Examples of Our Work

Handicare stairlift curved rail
Handicare stairlift seat
Handicare stairlift tight bend