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Stair Lift Installation: Los Angeles

You deserve the freedom to move about easily, especially within the comfort of your own home. If you or someone you love has issues getting around your home, we’re here to help with our stair lift installations in Los Angeles. You shouldn’t feel confined to only one level of your home because of difficulty climbing stairs, so let us help you with our professional installation service.

When we install a stair lift in your home, you regain not only your freedom of movement but also your dignity as you will be able to move about your home with ease. A stair lift provides you with peace of mind and self-assurance. Our stair lifts can be custom designed and built specifically for your staircase. The installation process is simple and quick, despite each stair lift being as unique as its user.

Installation Process

The chair which provides a gentle but firm hold for the user as they are transported up and down a stairwell, runs along a track that goes the full length of the staircase. This ensures that the passenger arrives safely and comfortably at either the top or the bottom.

The track is affixed to the stairs themselves; supports are screwed into each individual stair, making certain of maximum hold and strength. The track is then fixed to these bolted in supports. No walls need be involved (or damaged) and the full integrity of most staircases is kept intact with an installed stair lift.

The stair lift is linked to your home’s electrical system, giving it clean and easy functionality. Worried about a power outage? Don't be. Your stair lift is equipped with a backup battery that will automatically engage when power is lost, so you can remain mobile - no matter what. The full installation process is easily done in a day - on average, within just a few hours!

Who Can Install

Choosing a Gamburd specialist to install your stair lift offers peace of mind. Gamburd Technicians are trained professionals and your safety and comfort is always their top priority. As every stairwell is different, each stair lift track and installation will be unique to it. Prior to any installation, one of our team members will measure your staircase and stairs to ensure that your stair lift track and supports are the perfect fit for your home.

Types of Tracks

Stairwells comes in a multitude of shapes and sizes and we understand this completely! We offer tracks for every staircase imaginable, whether straight, straight with corners, or curved. While straight stairwells are the simplest to measure and fit, we are more than happy to create a cornered or curved track that is unique and custom fit to your staircase.

Getting Functional

Each stair lift is controlled by the passenger using the rocker switch (attached to the arm of the chair),or a remote control. We understand that some hands may be more dextrous than others and have ensured that any person who may want or need a stair lift can easily and comfortably operate their stair lift on their own. Our highly trained professional staff will walk you through the operation of your stair lift and answer any questions you may have.

On the Fence

If you are in the Los Angeles area and are thinking about installing a stair lift in your home, let us show you the independence a stair lift will bring to you.

If you have days where you feel forced to decide whether to stay upstairs or downstairs for the day because the stairs have become too much for your body, give us a try. If you have any questions regarding stair lift installations in Los Angeles, feel free to contact our caring professionals.

Your happiness, comfort, and satisfaction are our top priority.

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