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The Avengers - What's Your EndGame?-Gamburd Inc


Life has a way of throwing obstacles on our paths, not to hurt us but to present us with options on how we may wish to move forward. Spectators gaze upon the warriors of this world who strategize to be victorious in the end game. What many don’t realize until many maneuvers later, is that the universe has given a unique present called the gift of struggle. Those who have been given this gift are heroes in the making.

Super heroes look different than you think they should. Some roll through dimensions in wheelchairs and they will tell you they are not disabled – just different. Others are seniors wielding light sabers disguised as canes, while children born of debilitating disease bring forth powers of resilience and love like the world has never seen!

Super Powers

These heroes did not ask for the mission they are on. Some were in accidents; others took a fall or got a diagnosis that didn’t look good. But regardless of their journey they are avenging the enemy and are winning their race. They have become skilled at chastising depression and self-pity. Their retribution is evident through their choices to make the world a better place no matter what challenges they face.

Their super powers are patience and purpose. While they develop their new skill set, they must learn to exercise extreme patience with their own set of expectations. They dig deep to discover their purpose on planet earth and they secure strategies for fulfillment of that plan.

These avengers destroy enemies daily. Their strength of spirit slays those rivals who would try to isolate them and silence them. These heroes know that information = power and that exercise is their medicine. They understand that community is crucial, so they create charities, super hero support groups and events to gather with the troops.

Raise the Alarm 

Sometimes years have gone by before an avenger knows there is another just like them. When they hear the alarm, they realize it is time to gather their forces with the others. These are the real guardians of the galaxy! For so long they have been working alone, but when connection is made their strength multiplies. They have been known to wipe out entire armies of intruders, also known as thoughts, that bring fear to confuse the masses.

You may be reading this today and you know deep inside you are one of these super heroes, but because the enemy is surrounding you with pressure, you feel cloaked in darkness. Fear is trying to creep into your decision making. This is your moment. This is the hour you get to be the hero and avenge your enemy.

Who is the enemy, the real enemy? It’s not the physical challenges that have surfaced, it’s loneliness and frustration, the lost desire to go on. This is the critical time when the strategy for battle must be developed. You are not alone!

What is your endgame? The endgame is where isolation and confusion have no more power, where fear is demolished for good. This is your hour to surround yourself with allies: people who love you and care about you. This is the time to seek out experienced professionals – no green goblins here – just Gamburd and an entire galaxy cheering you on!

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