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The holidays are closing in on us which is not only a time of festive fun and celebration but also a reminder that we are collectively closing out another chapter of life. Perhaps it’s time to Reflect, Reward and Rework.


What has taken place this year that you are grateful for? Perhaps new folks have been added to your family. Maybe great things were accomplished at work. Who inspired, protected or enlightened you this past year? What good have you participated in that was a blessing to others? Some personality types can be rough on themselves, always looking to the next task and forgetting to pause long enough to reflect and relish in these sweet moments of life.


This is a wonderful time of year to reward yourself and others on the successes no matter how big or small! Just by recognizing the efforts of another can be a game changer for their own self-esteem and will boost their confidence. Rewarding the good behavior of children will make them want to repeat what they did to get that special acknowledgement. The same goes for employees or others who may have gone the extra mile. Don’t ever underestimate the power of rewards and recognition.

Rework the Game Plan

What does your next chapter of life look like? Are you a modern elder looking to venture out into a small business enterprise? Or are you a creative that has realized your craft could be bringing in extra income? Do you want to write a book, design a gadget or start a non-profit? Perhaps, you are a scholar who wants to learn a completely new industry. Whatever your age, skill set, or innovative ideas hold, it’s never too late to invent or re-invent yourself.

As we take the time to reevaluate where we have been the past 12 months, that in itself can help us see where we want to be in the next round of adventures. Every expedition has its peaks and valleys, wins and losses, but it’s the memorable ones that tell the tale of the person who wouldn’t give up and kept seeking out new ways to make their mark on history. If 2019 wasn’t your flagship year, you have permission for a do-over! The closing of one chapter only means there are more pages to be written.