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Three Keys to Recovery-Gamburd Inc

Life is filled with unexpected occurrences. We may be driving down Delightful Drive and the next minute we get broadsided and find ourselves hospitalized with injuries. Or perhaps we take an unexpected fall or discover that we now have a debilitating disease. None of this was expected. We certainly did not plan for this, and yet here we are perplexed and in pain.

As some wise soul once said, we were given the gift of life, but we were never given promises of how it would pan out. If you ever find yourself in precarious straights, perhaps these three tips will help in the recovery process.

Forget the plan you thought you had and draw up some new ones!

There are times when we are dealt a new hand at the table. Just because it doesn’t look like how we had imagined, we fail to realize we are being given a
new way to play at this game of life! We can’t hold on to the old if we expect to find gold in the new journey. Whatever that may be!

Forgive all the wrongs that were ever committed against you.

Maybe what others did to you was terrible. But holding onto the grudge makes you the judge and the jury may still be out on that transgression. We don’t always know why folks do what they do. They could be going through stuff we never new about, but bottom line it’s not our business to seek revenge. When we are hurt by others it’s our job to let it go! It will only fog our vision from being able to see opportunities for love, laughter and fulfillment that are trying to come our way!

Flow with what is happening right now.

If we fight against the circumstances we waste our energy, our time and our ability to enjoy the moments in between “Well, here I am” and “This is where I want to be”! Whether we are suffering from a broken body, broken dreams or a broken heart we all seek healing at some point. We all have set backs in life, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the adventure and if we truly embrace life as a journey we will find recovery at our door.