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Unusual Ways People Use Their Stair Lift - Gamburd Inc

We have been providing mobility solutions for families for over 18 years. Not even the most experienced professionals in our company thought of these unique problem-solving techniques! Our clients have shared some very colorful signs of creativity! Here is our disclaimer: The stair lift we install are to be used only for the transporting of one person at a time to get them safely to the next level of their home.


Some of Our Customers Had Ideas of Their Own

Here are some emails we received recently that were just too good not to share:


Best wishes to all of you! I’m so happy with my stair chair! It runs so smoothly and quietly. It is a godsend! I even used it to carry my 22-pound turkey upstairs a couple of days ago!

Sarah – Pacific Grove, CA


We have a confession to make. When your Gamburd consultant came to our home to measure for the stair lift, he asked who would be using the equipment. We knew he was asking to make sure the proper chair was ordered to accommodate the weight of that individual. We are both in great shape, so he figured we were just planning ahead, should one of us encounter health complications in the future. The truth of the matter is, we are tired of carrying our lazy dog up the stairs and just wanted to have a way to move her safely! We strap her in, so she is secure, and she actually seems to enjoy the ride! Thank you Gamburd!

Sergio, Steve & Sasha – Beverly Hills, CA


Thank you for my stair lift. It has helped me in so many ways. A month ago, my husband and I were in a tiff and frankly I wasn’t speaking to him. George hates it when I give him the silent treatment. Well, he got my heart to soften when I heard him send the stair lift remotely to the second level where I was brooding. I got curious when I did not hear him get off the lift, so I snuck a peek to see what he was doing. There on the lift was the most beautiful bouquet of flowers with a love note! If it wasn’t for Gamburd, Gorge would still be getting the silent treatment!

Margaret – Anaheim, CA


For 30 years my wife and I have had a date every Saturday night. We used to go dancing but when her body was no longer cooperating, we had to come up with a different plan. There are some days when she doesn’t feel so energetic, so I decided to use your lift in a new way! Instead of taking her out for a date night, I bring date night to her!

I set up a table for two on our second level with music playing and candles lit, I send up a tray with martinis, appetizers and eventually dinner all on our stair lift! And why not? It’s a smooth ride and nothing spills, plus it saves my back from carrying everything up the steps. Because of you, we have been able to enjoy life even when our bodies are not as young as they used to be!

Frank & Gerty – Los Angeles, CA


Gamburd is in the business of home modifications, but unknowingly we have contributed to grocery delivery, marriage therapy and pet travel – who knew? Next time your loved one needs a little lift, perhaps you’ll think of us!