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Whatever Happened to GI Joe?-Gamburd Inc

Joe was like many of the young men his age, he was strong willed, fit and had a whole future ahead of him. The one thing he lacked however, was clarity on what to do with his life. Some of his other senior classmates had decided to join the military and told Joe all about the opportunity for a good education, the chance to travel the world and get training in a career that could make some decent money. These promises sounded like a good plan mostly because he didn’t have a plan for himself once he graduated high school.

The day after Joe got his diploma he was signing papers at the recruiter’s office. Now it was official and boot camp was next on the calendar! Saying goodbye to family and friends is rough but Joe wants to serve his country and to train to be the best version of himself with a little help from the Marines.

Six years and three deployments later Joe was a very different man. The things he had seen remained unspeakable in the recesses of his mind. He had a few close buddies in his core but even they say he’s different now. Letters to GI Joe from his family go unanswered. The once jovial Joe is now quiet, serious and distant. Even when he’s in the room he’s a million miles away. The pain he sustained from his injuries wasn’t bad enough to send him home, so he fulfilled his commitment and bit the bullet with every step he took through the finish line.

Today GI Joe is in excruciating pain although you would have to look hard to see it. He’s used to masking the agony to not draw attention to himself, but if you pay attention you will notice he hasn’t eaten in days and it’s all because of the pain. His trips to the hospital proved to be unfruitful. Doctors prescribe more meds to make it through the week, the month and the years ahead. This is not the grand ending of world travel, the great education and amazing career promises. In fact, Joe can’t hold down a job, he is in pain when he stands, he’s in agony when he sits, and stairs are brutal.

The saddest part of all is that there is help for soldiers like Joe and no one is reaching out to tell them there are funds available that could make life a little better – if only he knew!

Are you willing to do your part and just reach out to a vet today and connect them with a resource that could be the answer to their prayers? This nationwide non-profit organization will help the vet access and educate on the funds available to them and the organization will fill out all the paper work for them!

There are some good people in this world that are grateful for the service our military personnel provide for us all, we just haven’t been so good at showing that gratitude. Thank you, GI Joe. Please forgive us as a nation for not taking better care of you after all you put on the line for us.

If you or someone you love is a veteran that needs service connected compensation, they can contact American Veterans United at 805-990-4079.

For more information specifically about aid and attendance, contact National Veteran Support at 818-237-5385 or go to