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Concrete Wheelchair Ramps

In some cases, a standard modular or portable ramp may not work. Perhaps you want something that feels more permanent. Custom concrete wheelchair ramps can tie into your landscape and hardscape. Concrete ramps come with a steeper price tag than other wheelchair ramps, however if its done properly, it will add value to your home. when building a new home, its a good idea to incorporate the walkways leading up to the house into ramps. With proper grading and landscaping, the ramp will disappear.

Can you see the ramp?

This may seem like an ordinary walkway leading to a front door. However this is the after affect. Prior, there were 2 steps to get into the house. Simple yet, unfortunately most developers don't think this way.

In the photos below you will notice that we filled dirt and planted new grass. This also prevented us from installing a curb or handrail.

Installing Concrete Wheelchair Ramps

Concrete Wheelchair Ramps
Before: 2 steps to get in the house
Concrete Wheelchair Ramps installation
Pour concrete and strip forms
Concrete Wheelchair Ramps entrance
Back fill and lay new grass

We get design

Every job, requires a plan. We believe every quote requires a design.

Front Entry Ramp

This started out as a folding ramp. After a few uses the family didn't like the fact that everyone entering the house need to walk up a portable ramp. We were then contacted to entertain the idea of a fully new custom entry. We formed a new ramp from the existing landing making it much wider. After the forming, we poured new concrete. We then laid new 1" thick brick over the existing brick and concrete area. With the new brick, we eliminated the need for a threshold ramp.


Something in the way?

We think outside the box. Instead of removing this post. We customized a rounded corner threshold ramp.


Our customer parks two cars in their small garage. They needed a ramp so they could enter from all sides. They also needed to be able to drive their car over it.